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Church of Saint Catherine

Catholics Serving the West Tulsa Community

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Welcome to Saint Catherine Church!

The Saint Catherine community is a small, faith-filled group of people who nurture a love of Christ and each other. The approximate 240 families that make up the church and the school are active stewards of Christ who readily donate their time, talent and treasure to help others, provide for spiritual growth and camaraderie, and improve the future of our youth through offering a Christ-centered educational environment.

Mass Schedule

                                Monday                         No Mass
                              Tuesday                        No Mass
                              Wednesday                   8:15 am
                              Thursday                       No Mass
                              Friday                           8:15 am
                              Saturday                       5:00 pm
                              Sunday                        11:00 am


Contact Us

Rev. J. Richard Bradley

(918) 446-8124 


Craig Victor 

(918) 527-4040

Ken Schumacher

Office ManagerJanice Bratzler
Financial AdministratorSuzy Hayes
Web MasterJanice Bratzler

Stewardship Mission

Answering the Gospel call to conversion, the Saint Catherine Stewardship Council seeks to empower a way of life that nurtures the need to give responsibly in gratitude to God what is already His!


Would you like to setup your tithing to occur automatically each month? Click the "Donate Now" button to the left. Setup your giving plan one time and it will automatically charge your credit card each month. You will receive an online receipt immediately via email and will have access to a comprehensive year end online summary to meet your tax reporting needs.